Wingsuit Precision World Record – 2019

Wingsuit Precision World Record – 2019, Switzerland.

This is one of the parts of the two world record attempts in one day. We have had great fun with some of the more challenging jumps I’ve ever done. Putting together a team with great, driven and talented people was key for making this production with this outcome.

The size of the golden globe of the logo was 30 cm x 30 cm in size and was placed 1,5 meter above ground level. Camera piloting was made by Scotty Nice, and world record holder is now Anton Squeezer Andersson and the attempt will be confirmed within 12 weeks. The piece of styrofoam is 1f 11⅝ inches x 1f 11⅝ inches / 0.6m x 0.6m.

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Big shout out to the everyone for making this a epic journey and thanks to Grawity for helping me pursue this project: Anton Squeezer Andersson (wingsuit and project management/director), Alexander Johansson (co-management) Scotty Nice (wingsuit camera pilot), Brandon Bailey (creator/director), Sebastian Taguiang (creator/director), Sebastian Tarrach (drone pilot), Lüca Muri (drone pilot), Gianluca Imbiscuso (drone pilot).